2017 Year-End Party Why in November … and what 師走 (Shiwasu) is.


Homma Kancho explained why the Macho Party was held out in the cold: “It feels not right and lonely not to have a Year End Party.  But there are many people in the countries in Asia where AHAN provides humanitarian support activities who are not sure whether they can be blessed with the next meal.  I still struggle to fathom this stark difference and contradiction.  Then I thought of having a party out in the cold.  By putting ourselves in a less comfortable environment while exposing ourselves to the elements of a cold winter night, we could still have a good time with grit and macho spirit while keeping less fortunate people in our minds.”

More than 50 members and their guests with grit and macho spirit gathered for the Party and enjoyed one another’s company out in the cold.  While everyone enjoyed a wide selection of hot dishes cooked by Homma Kancho, he himself did not eat anything while extending his thought and prayer to the people he regularly serves in Asian countries.

Reported by Shingo Takeda, Assistant to Homma Kancho

Photograph(s) by Bryon Hays, Nippon Kan Vice Chairman